Obamacare 411 – Learn & Lunch. Check out our recent “live event” that provided information on the Affordable Care Act.

What is it?

The Affordable Care Act will require most North Carolina residents without health insurance to obtain insurance or pay a penalty.

You may meet this requirement through existing coverage with an employer, a spouse’s employer, or a private policy. You may also meet that requirement if you are covered by Medicaid, North Carolina Health Choice or Medicare.

If you are currently not covered by health insurance, we can provide information and help you purchase the health insurance that fits your needs. click here

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is providing coverage under the Federal Healthcare Exchange. Additional information is available through our office.

Social Services is not an official “navigator” for the Affordable Care Act, and cannot provide guidance in how to interpret information, submit applications, or discuss tax subsidies associated with the ACA Insurance Marketplace.

North Carolina has not expanded Medicaid, so the eligibility rules for that program remain the same. Medicaid for adults who meet income guidelines – and who are not blind, disabled, and/or elderly – may be limited to family planning services. For additional information about Medicaid and North Carolina Health Choice.

You may now apply for Nutrition Services (Food Stamps), Medicaid, and North Carolina Health Choice through North Carolina ePass.